• Due to the high requirements of the industry appointments will be spaced so as to allow the proper cleaning in between clients. , in the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 and limited appointments  only ladies will be attended to in the salon.  
  • All treatments, including collection of weight loss injections and beauty products will be by appointment only.
  • A face mask will be required to be worn to the salon. 


  • Please note:   Quite a few of my clients have comorbidities which places them at higher risk of becoming very ill or dying from covid19.   
  • To reduce the risk to them I personally do not socialise at all with any groups or friends or place myself in any position where there are large amounts of people.  This is not just about us but how we affect other people. So for me to be able to operate I need to ensure that from my side I am doing everything possible to reduce the risk to clients.
  • Therefore, please do not book an appointment with me if you are knowingly socialising without a mask, on a regular basis.  Socialising increases your risk of catching this virus which increases the risk of me being exposed to it and exposing people who may not survive this virus.  
  • DISCOVERY has sent out a warning sms to its members that TYGERBERG DISTRICT is again a HIGH RISK EMERGING HOT SPOT.
  • So if you are braaing, having parties, inviting lots of friends over or going to them and no one wears a mask you are NOT to book with me.  I do not want to get sick and expose others to the virus.
  • You will be required to take off your mask in the salon (especially with facial treatments or sauna blanket etc) so it is important that I STAY HEALTHY.


  1. Client bookings will be spaced so that the room, bathroom  and equipment can be throroughly cleaned and sanatised between each client.
  2. Going forward, treatments are for ladies only.
  3. I will be using new gloves with each client unless the treatment requires me not to wear gloves.
  4. All linen and towels will be removed from the bed and taken out of the room after each client. I don't keep any used linen in the room.
  5.  If you want, you are welcome to bring your own towels
  6. I personally wash all the towels, bed throws and linen daily.
  7. Only paper towels will be used in the bathroom. The door of the bathroom is kept closed to keep the area clean and sanatised after every client who uses it.
  8. All disposable items will be removed from the room after each appointment (paper towels, wax strips, spatulas, needles etc)  and the dirt bin will be kept outside of the room in the open air. I don't want to keep these items inside the room.
  9. The floor has no carpets to make it easy to wash and disinfect between clients.
  10. I also have to wash every single bottle, machine, table, chairs etc that I touch or that the client has touched so it is a lot of work.
  11. Please sanatise your hands on arrival and on leaving.
  12. When you get home, thoroughly wash your hands and face for 20 seconds, unless you have had a facial treatment.
  13. If you are feeling ill then you will need to re-schedule your appointment or if you have been in contact with anyone with covid-19.
  14. My booking system - Microsoft Bookings will keep a record of your visit, so no register will need to be filled in but by booking you confirm you UNDERSTAND MY REQUIREMENTS.
  15. Minimise all the areas you touch and bring as few items with you as possible..
  16. You will not be required to complete any form as I have a booking system to keep a track record of your visit and on this booking system you will confirm having READ AND UNDERSTOOD these guidelines.
  17.  You don't want to have to phone me to say you have Covid19, and exposed me, because I will be a very unhappy lady.