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I am a registered AGENT for MESOSLIM. 

  • I am not the owner of Mesoslim
  • I am a stockist of their product so am trained and approved by them.





MesoSlim is a finely crafted blend of the highest quality, medicinal grade plant extracts in various forms sourced locally and imported from Germany. MesoSlim is 100% natural and contains ONLY the following ingredients:

  • Minerals,
  • Phyto-Extracts,
  • Enzyme Catalysts and
  • Saline Solution as a Base. 



MesoSlim loves the stuff that we all hate... FAT. It quickly breaks down the fatty deposits that so love the hips, tummy and thighs ...(and actually everywhere you don't want it :) It does this very, very well and very, very fast. As a bonus it also removes the entire fat cell, completely and permanently! Yes, you read correctly, this stuff makes those die-hard nasty little fat cells disappear! MesoSlim will also eliminate cellulite and firm up loose skin as the fat melts away.

You can use MesoSlim on ANY part of your body where you want to eliminate fat cells... bum, arms, legs, love-handles etc.


Is mesoslim safe?

Yes, it is a 100% safe

Does not contain any chemicals

Is a homeopathic cocktail developed to dissolve fat cells around the body

Anyone can use it – except for pregnant women, if you are being treated for cancer, breastfeeding, under 18 years of age, allergic to bees.

If you have any chronic ailments that you are concerned about then you must first see your doctor before commencing with these injections.


Are there any side effects?

No side effects

No excessive swelling

No allergies

No soya or nuts allergies

No nausea or headaches


What could I experience?

Slight bruising on injection site

Slight burning sensation for 2-5minutes

Slight tenderness for 4-6 hours on area

Sweating caused by toxins in the lymph glands


What areas can be treated?

Upper abdomen

Lower abdomen


Love handles


Inner thighs

Outer thighs



Back (upper and lower)






Who is eligible for treatment or who should avoid?

People who would like to get rid of small to large pockets of fat around their body

People who do not want to do surgery for the excess fat areas.  AVOID;

If you are pregnant or breast feeding.

If you have stents, artificial heart valves or a pacemaker.

If you have a history of allergic anaphalaxysis nor you have a hyper-sensitivity to venom of anynkind i.e, Bee stings.

If you are taking anti-coagulants or blood-thinners.

It is also only suitable from the age of 18 years old and up.

If you are on ANY form of chemo-therapy or radiation therapy.

If you are on chronic prescription medication please consult with your doctor prior to using Mesoslim as is the case with any supplementation you may buy over-the-counter. You may need to give us a letter from your doctor saying you can use this if you have diabetes, high blood pressure etc.


Effects of Mesoslim

  • Destroys entire fat cell with its contents
  • Totally eliminates lipolytic nodules from level 1 to level 4 cellulite
  • Excretes all wastes and harmful products
  • Increases intradermal micro circulation in all layers
  • Repairs connective tissue layers preventing future development of adipocytes (fat cells)
  • Controls and eliminates pain associated with sclerotic fat deposits as
  • It contains a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent
  • Destroys 50000 fat cells every 10 injections
  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Results in cm loss
  • Results in improvement of skin texture
  • Results in improvement of cellulite

During treatment avoid the following, to allow the product to be effective

No sugar

No alcohol

No anti-inflammatories or pain killers. (if possible)

The product is for home-use.


How to use at home

The vial contains 10ml.

When you purchase the product from me in my salon, I will explain to you how to inject.

A 10ml vial can last from 4-10 weeks depending on the size of fat and how much fat you need to remove as well as your eating plan and excercise.  You can continue to use the product for as long as you need. 

If you want to know further information on MESOSLIM please book a consultation with me.


ALCOHOL DEPENDANCY:  If you are alcohol dependant do not buy this injection as it will NOT work. 

What is Alcohol Dependancy?

It ranges from mild to severe but you will need to decide.  Some examples are:

  • You can't relax without drinking.
  • You can't fall asleep without drinking
  • You have to drink every night, or most nights,  with dinner
  • You need a drink in the morning to get going.
  • To be social, you have to drink. However, if you can control your choice of drink  or chose the day on which you drink then that is fine.  So special occasions are fine.
  • When loved ones ask how much you drink, you don't tell the truth.


You must also be able to go without sugar (refined sugar) in donuts, cake, fizzy drinks etc but also hidden sugars in cereals etc.


There is no diet plan in the world that allows you to eat loads of sugar and drink loads of alcohol so it's the same with Mesoslim.  If you want alcohol or sugar then rather DO NOT BUY this product as it will be ineffective.  Then you need to accept your weight and size, or see a medical professional as eating can also be a disorder or find another product that isn't affected by these two substances or to be patient with yourself and start making slow changes to your lifestyle..

Please keep in mind that even though MesoSlim is 100% natural it is not a scheduled medication nor approved by SAHPRA.


It must be administered or injected by a Registered Health Professional (a nurse at a clinic or chemist) if you are unsure how to do it yourself.


Mesoslim is made by a registered naturopath.  


I have been trained how to do injectable treatments which means I know how to inject slimmiing injections.

However, injections are done under a disclaimer & indemnity FROM MESOSLIM and is at the client's own risk as I am not a medical professional. 



Mesoslim will work with any eating plan which restricts sugar & alcohol intake



Do not book fake appointments with me to teach you how to do these injections so that you can inject other people.


It is the responsibility of Mesoslim to train you. 

I have had a number of people making fake appointments with me because they want to make money out of people without ensuring they are properly trained. If you can't do it, it must be done by a nurse.


I am not a trainer or a rep of Mesoslim. There are lots of salons and clinics doing injections so book with one of them and ask them to train you.


Right of entry to my premises is reserved and it is private property so I will personally remove you. 







What does no sugar mean? It means checking your food ingredients for sugar.  The first is pictures of the ingredients in Futurelife cereal, muesli and a tin of beans.  They all have sugar.  So you can't eat it.  This also includes refined sugar in chocolates, cake, biscuits, fizzy drinks etc.  Just because it says "health bar" or "slimming shake" does  not mean it's healthy.