Women's Skin & Body


At Beauty Zone we bring you the latest technological advancements in anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, non-surgical facelifts, plumping & skin peels.  We specialise in body wraps for hydration, detoxification, relaxation, slimming & weight loss, as well as cellulite reduction, ladies massage & more..

Women's Slimming


If you need to lose a few cm's you will find a slimming treatment to suit your needs. Ultrasonic Cavitation, Laser Lipo, Fat Freezing, FIR Sauna Blanket, Ozone Steam Sauna can be used as part of a combined package or as a complete treatment on it's own.

Women's Health & Wellness


Looking after your body, health & mind has many ladies realising the importance of the connection between these three factors.  

Improving how we see ourselves has a profound effect on our mental health and wellbeing.

This has become one of Beauty Zone's fastest growing areas.


Beauty Zone is a professional Women's Weight Loss, Slimming & Wellness  Home Studio situated in Monte Vista, Cape Town. My first therapy room was opened in Durbanville CBD in 2016, later moving to a wellness centre in Bellville, Tygervalley. 

Due to high rental costs, wanting to offer extended hours & limited parking for clients, I relocated to Monte Vista to operate from my home.

I am now able to pass these cost savings onto my clients & offer lower prices than bigger salons that have overheads & staff costs.

There is safe street parking, back-up electricity in case of loadshedding, wheelchair accessibility to the room, wifi for clients who need to work, a secure environment, individualised attention, bathroom facilities, relaxation & rejuventation in a lovely garden setting. 



The treatment room is managed by myself as the therapist and the owner and allows me to personally get to know my clients and give them the best treatment.  I do all my own work.


My career consists of 26 years in corporate banking & 11 years as a bank manager, at FNB.


At the age of 45 I developed an invasive form of breast cancer and was treated with chemotherapy and radiation. At this point my interest in Health, Nutrition & Wellness started to grow.


At the age of 48 I completed a:

Bcom in Human Resource Management. 


I am also a  Certified Trainer & Assessor with the Services SETA.


I also have various Certificates in Marketing and Banking and a TEFL certificate.


After leaving banking in 2016, the opportunity arose to help people gain their self confidence and achieve their health & body goals through fat freezing. From there the business has expanded into other skin & body treatments.


Training in the Slimming & Beauty Industry:

I have completed training courses with

1.  Gfrag Weight Loss & Wellness SA to offer injections, weight loss treatments & supplements.

2.  I have also completed training Certificates on Pedicures, Manicures, Acrylic Dip and Gel Nail enhancements through BN Academy Bellville,

3.  Lucious Lashes training on brow & lash tinting

4.  Skin on Plein Facial Training Course,

5.  Biominceur Slimming Wraps, Face Peels & 5D Facials

6.  Lokkima Fat Freezing. 

7.  Saloncare Professional Face & Body products

8.  Lipogon Lab Series mesotherapy injections & supplements

9.  Lilian Terry International Oils and Body Wraps

10.  Covid 19 and Bloodborne Pathogen Certification.

11. Capri Academy Waxing Training - Face & Body (not private waxing)


My interests

My interests are aligned to alternative treatments that help the body to heal from within & prevent illness and disease. I also really love natural & organic products & incorporate them as much as possible in treatments. I love to help clients who are not looking for quick fixes but are prepared to work with their treatments to change the bodies. 

So the products and oils I use are natural as well as the injections.


Please click on the button below to read the T & C of coming to Beauty Zone.  I also have a video below where I discuss issues and problems that have resulted in me putting these T & C in place for my salon for various reasons.


Slimming programmes

You have the choice of doing slimming and weight loss at home or you can come to me during the week to do a programme to help you get on track.


I have ladies who do slimming injections, with me assisting them, until they are able to do it themselves. If you don't want to do injections at home you also have the option of using a weight loss eating programme designed by Lipogon which includes the use of some of their products.


I also have a group of ladies doing 30 min machine treatments 1 x per week or 60 min sessions 1 x per week.  It depends on the clients and their budget - the type of treatment that they pick.  You can be with me for one - three months although ladies that need to lose a lot of weight are generally with me longer.  


CONTACT ME: Gillian 0619985817 (whatsapp or sms) for appointments. or please use my online booking service which is quicker.  


Special Achievements:

Award for the Top Salon 2018 in South Africa. GFRAG WEIGHT LOSS & WELLNESS SA


About me

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This is an introduction video where I discuss my expectations and salon ettiquette I follow at Beauty Zone. 


I go over issues and problems I have had over the past few years, which are incorporated into my Terms and Conditions.  I briefly mention my salon disclaimer.


My website has loads of information as well as a page where I  discuss various machines, treatments and slimming products on my Straight-Talk Video page


Please read my full terms and conditions in the link below to go through the remainder


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